Good for Myspace Bad for Spammers and SEO has recently taken link redirection approach to track down link spamming in their Social space. You will notice links in profile and comments posted in Myspace are converted automatically to .


When first introduced there were some misconceptions came up about this automatic link conversion which spread like wild fire throughout Internet. We will try to talk about some of them to know the facts.

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Myspace Train of Password stealers

I wish everybody knows what is Myspace Trains are. Here some words for those who doesn’t have any idea about Myspace Trains –

Myspace Train is a Technology used by the myspace users to create more friends. The users are not known to each other. They just have a friend adding spree. So they participate in the Process. In their language “Do you want to be famous in Myspace – Join the Train”

So what you have to do to get into a Train?

You have to add every persons in the Train (A page of links where the links lead to add a person). When you are finished adding all the friends then you have to put your myspace friend id in a input box and join. Done!

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Myspace SWF Hack – it works

Myspace users can use SWF (Flash movies) to make their Layout. But Flash movie can be more than a simple animation. It has the ability to do action. This is called Action Scripting. While you are viewing someone’s Profile with Animated Flash movie your profile data’s like your email address and password can be hijacked from your cookie and saved in a place in behind.

I have recently came through a Digg story published by kinematic where he mentioned the Myspace hack technique. He actually decompiled a SWF file in Myspace to see it’s action script which revealed the secret of the hacking. It is advanced Javascript called AJAX which was used to hack.

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Unblock Myspace everywhere

It is easy to unblock myspace where it is blocked. You can use a Proxy server to access Myspace. But most of the cases Proxy servers are not highly anonymous. The best way still now is using a Web based Proxy servers.

What is a Web based Proxy Server?
Web based Proxy server is no different than a simple webpage as we see regularly. But it has a script which let you browse other website through it. So your Local ISP, the website you are browsing can’t detect your actual identity. You become fully anonymous. In some places some websites are banned to be accessed by the minors. You can use Web based Proxy servers to access the website in that place.

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WordPress and Technorati Tags

WordPress doesn’t have any Tagging solution by default. So you have to use a wordpress plugin to get the tagging functionality. WordPress codex provides a big list of plugin for tagging functionality. You will find it here. Some of the well known Tagging Plugins are UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior), Jeromn’s Keyword.

But after some digging I have found something much simpler and effecient. It is Simple Tagging. First created by Michael and transferred to Amaury Balmer (Administrator of WordPress Franch). Now the Page for the plugin is here.
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