WordPress 2.5 SECRET_KEY and SALT Cracking Vulnerability

SECRET_KEY is the new addition to wordpress Security which is introduced in the WordPress 2.5. SECRET_KEY is used to secure WordPress Cookies. But an attacker can use this Key to intrude the WordPress system. In a recently found vulnerability discovered by xiam and published in Security Focus shows that an attacker can get into the …

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WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin

WordPress Automatic Upgrade (WPAU) is a plugin that automatically upgrades your wordpress version to the latest WordPress Version provided by The plugin is designed and maintained by Keith Dsouza of Tech Buzz. For your knowledge WPAU won a WordPress Plugin Competition in the Past year organised by Weblog Tools Collection. Good for Myspace Bad for Spammers and SEO has recently taken link redirection approach to track down link spamming in their Social space. You will notice links in profile and comments posted in Myspace are converted automatically to . Example: When first introduced there were some misconceptions came up about this automatic link conversion which spread like wild fire throughout … Good for Myspace Bad for Spammers and SEORead More »