Good for Myspace Bad for Spammers and SEO has recently taken link redirection approach to track down link spamming in their Social space. You will notice links in profile and comments posted in Myspace are converted automatically to .


When first introduced there were some misconceptions came up about this automatic link conversion which spread like wild fire throughout Internet. We will try to talk about some of them to know the facts.

1. hired a company named MarkMonitor to implement

This was spotted in websites like Social Ham, Mashable, gettowebmaster. Some of them corrected the information afterwards.
Actually MarkMonitor is the registrar of the Domain Name from whom Myspace bought the domain. The owner of is still Myspace. If you do a whois search of you can understand the fact.

2. is a vast conspiracy of Myspace.

First mentioned in Mashable by Pete Cashmore

Lets see what Tom Anderson of Myspace is telling In an official notice

“Hey everybody, we just launched another program to stop dirty spammers from hasseling you. When you input a link in myspace it may be converted to a redirect link. You’ll start seeing them around the site. They look like this: These links are legit and we are creating them. They are not viruses or whatever else your conspiracy theorist friends told you. They still point to their original url, but let us easily turn off links to spam, phishing, or virus sites. booyah!”

3. links are virus.

Here is a sample of Virus Conspiracy Text spread through Myspace comments and Bulletins.

“Hackers/phishers are gaining access, I am told, through comments we are unknowingl”y passing along from page to page if we are infected.
The infected comments begin with “www,msplinks” if you have that in comments, you are infected and are most likely passing it on to friends in your comments. Take this for what it is worth. I hope you have not been infected, but there is one way to find out.
You need to go to edit your profile, go to safe mode, edit comments and look for ANY comments back to the 19th that begin with “www.msplinks”..this is the virus and I am finding it in many comments. Delete those comments. Then change your password. There is a hacker/phisher hitting MS and this is the way they attack pages. If you have your security set to APPROVE COMMENTS…before you approve any, hit REPLY and read the comment code. If you see www.msplinks at the beginning of it, deny it and let the sender know because thier page is infected too.”

As mentioned earlier Tom cleared the fact that the links are not viruses which can harm your computer. So there is no need to be worried.

I myself believe that Myspace is heavily spammed by the link spammers. Especially the comments in Myspace are heavily under attack. These spammers were using the links in comments to gain points for their site from the Myspace pages where they were continuously posting unnecessary, irrelevant comments with links to their WebPages. I wish you are well aware of the search engine algorithm or technology of ranking a webpage. I mean how search engine ranks a webpage. Every link pointing to your site is counted as a vote for your webpage and increases the rank of the Web page. In basic it actually increases the importance of your webpage in Internet. So spammers were posting links in Myspace comments to gain these points. This is kind of black hat SEO (Search engine optimization).
Due to the recent update these comment spammers will not be benefited from this kind of link inclusion in their comments as the links will be automatically converted into Though they will still redirect users to the actual link the comment spammer will not gain any search engine ranking points for his nasty spamming job. So most probably they will quit doing this.

But a debate arose about the decision of Myspace on link redirection using especially by the White hat SEO. Not all the Myspace users are spammers. Some are good webmasters. They will loose points for this redirection system. There are no worries for the links already in Myspace. Myspace will be converting the future links only. The previous links which were posted in myspace before this link redirection program was implemented will be there as it was unless Myspace starts converting all the previous links. Moreover links in Myspace blogs are out of the effect of this update. They will not be converted. But who can say? If spammers start using the blogs to spam links then Maybe Myspace will start redirecting them through

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