Unblock Myspace everywhere

It is easy to unblock myspace where it is blocked. You can use a Proxy server to access Myspace. But most of the cases Proxy servers are not highly anonymous. The best way still now is using a Web based Proxy servers.

What is a Web based Proxy Server?
Web based Proxy server is no different than a simple webpage as we see regularly. But it has a script which let you browse other website through it. So your Local ISP, the website you are browsing can’t detect your actual identity. You become fully anonymous. In some places some websites are banned to be accessed by the minors. You can use Web based Proxy servers to access the website in that place.

Is it Legal to access Myspace?

If you are over 14 years old it is fully legal for you to browse Myspace. No worries. Myspace does allow below 14 to be registered in Myspace.

Lets see what Wikipedia is telling about Blocking Myspace

Many schools and public libraries in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia have restricted access to MySpace because it has become “such a haven for student gossip and malicious comments”.[42]

A Catholic school in New Jersey has even prohibited students from using MySpace at home, an action made to protect students from online predators as claimed by the school, although experts questioned the legality of such a ban.[43][44][45]

On July 28, 2006, the United States House of Representatives passed a controversial bill requiring libraries and schools receiving certain types of federal funding (E-rate) to prevent unsupervised minors from using chat rooms and social networking websites, such as MySpace. This bill, known as the Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006 (DOPA), was approved by a 410-15 vote in the United States House of Representatives but was not brought to a vote in the United States Senate. Since the Congressional session of its introduction expired, the bill must be reintroduced in either chamber to be voted upon again.

Its still not a law to block Myspace in schools. Though Some schools have blocked access to Myspace. and Some are blocking. There is only one Myspace but do you know how many Proxies there online to browse Myspace? Millions of them. It has to be million. Don’t you think so. Because as much as I know the current user count for Myspace is surely more than 200 millions.

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