How to edit or modify encrypted footer of WordPress Template

I have recently came across a encrypted footer.php of a WordPress Template File. Developers mostly doing this to keep their link in the website footer.  Here is how you can modify the wordpress footer template.

open the encrypted footer.php and add this line before the encrypted code.

<!–footer starts–>

It is a html comment so will not show up in the Template visualization but in code. Save the footer.php

activate the Template if you still have done it. view the site , right click on the webpage and check the view source. find the code

<!–footer starts–>

in the code. copy everything below this code and put it in a file named footer.php and save it.

replace the footer.php in the wordpress template directory with the newly created footer.php. Activate the Theme . The themes seems to be working fine. Now you can edit or modify the current footer.php as you need.

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